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Esoteric Essence

Riverwalk | Water Elemental Candle

Riverwalk | Water Elemental Candle

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Candle associated with the element of Water. Each candle is topped with a mixture of herbs and crystal chips associated with the element. All candles and crystals have been cleansed, charged, and set with good intentions.

Scent Description:

Top notes of peach, honey, and star anise with floral and fruity mid notes of melon, cucumber, violet, and rose with lower notes of cedar, musk, and sugared vanilla

Element Description:

Water is the basis of all life. It has cleansing and healing properties. Water is also the fundamental force behind our emotions, including love and friendship. Water flowing and moving all the time in rivers, lakes, and seas implied the emotions and feelings of man.

Using crystals and stones of the Water element is great if you want to:

  • induce healing
  • make peace with somebody
  • make new friends
  • perform purification
  • induce peace
  • expand universal love
  • induce lucid dreams
  • practice divination
  • increase intuition

Concepts: Emotions, Dreams, Intuition, Death/Rebirth, Taste, Primal Chaos, Underworld, Unconscious, Blood, Womb
Planet: Moon
Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

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