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Esoteric Essence

Aura | Mind Elemental Candle

Aura | Mind Elemental Candle

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Candle associated with the element of Mind. Each candle is topped with a mixture of herbs and crystal chips associated with the element. All candles and crystals have been cleansed, charged, and set with good intentions.

Scent Description:

A soothing and rejuvenating scent that elicits the serenity of a spa. Top notes of rosemary, lavender, and sage. The grounding and comforting scents of amber, patchouli, and musk balance it out and provide a warm and comforting finish

Element Description:

Mind is the fifth element. It is the binding power that keeps together all the other elements. It contains the past, present, and future collective experiences of mankind.

Using crystals and stones of the Akasha element is great if you want to:

  • perform rituals and sacraments
  • unlock past life memories
  • improve your meditation
  • increase your spiritual powers

Concepts:  Divine Will, Harmony, Evolution, Life Force, Transcendence, Sixth Sense, Transformation Continue to Spirit
Planet: Sun

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