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Esoteric Essence

Watermelon Sugar | Air Elemental Candle

Watermelon Sugar | Air Elemental Candle

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Candle associated with the element of Air. Each candle is topped with a mixture of herbs and crystal chips that are associated with the element. All candles and crystals have been cleansed, charged, and set with good intentions.

Scent Description:

A fruity summer blend of watermelon, lemon, cantaloupe flower, lily of the valley, and cedar.

Element Description:

The air element represents the power of the mind. It brings imagination and inspiration, new ideas, and visionary leadership. It is the element of travel and communication. Air is the atmosphere and the breath of life, but it can also represent intellect, thoughts, and inspiration.

Using crystals and stones of the Air element is great if you want to: 

  • enhance your intellectual abilities
  • develop inspiration
  • improve memory
  • improve communication
  • expand awareness
  • bring up new possibilities

Concepts: Intellect, Knowledge, Clarity, Discrimination, Mind, Speed, Sound, Intuition 
Planet: Mercury
Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

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