Collection: Serenity Scents Collection

Experience nature's purest symphony with our 100% soy wax candles, meticulously infused with all-natural essential oils. Each candle cradles two wooden wicks that serenade your senses with a gentle, crackling fireside melody, evoking memories of cozy nights.

Housed in genuine, hand-carved wooden dough bowls, these candles seamlessly blend rustic elegance with modern sophistication. Every bowl is a testament to nature's beauty, boasting unique grains and patterns, ensuring no two candles are ever identical.

To elevate the sensory experience, each candle is artfully topped with an arrangement of delicate dried flowers, capturing the essence of a blossoming meadow.

Illuminate your space with our Serenity Scents Collection – where every flicker tells a story, and every scent is a journey back to nature. 🌲🌼🔥